Physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor (Austria-Czech Republic border)

What will you as physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor do?

Join an innovative hospital-based in Northern Austria close to the Czech Border, and as physical medicine and rehabilitation physician you will diagnose and treat patients with a variety of medical conditions, which may impair the patient’s ability to function normally. You will treat patients with after spinal cord injuries, strokes, traumatic brain injuries and various pain syndromes, such as fibromyalgia.

The goal of a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor is to help improve a patient’s level of functioning as much as possible. The medical condition might not always be curable, but treatment may help improve quality of life. 

The rehabilitation physician performs tests and exams to determine the diagnosis. A treatment plan is developed to address ways to decrease pain, improve mobility or functioning and prevent further complications. Tou will lead a team of allied health professionals including a speech, occupational and physical therapist. Social workers, counselors and neurologists may also work with a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor.


  • MD (medical doctor) or
  • Neurology Residency


  • German language
  • Patient care skills, electronic medical record competency, typing skills, communication skills, problem solving skills.

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